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How much do you charge?
This depends on when and where your party is, the amount of sound and lighting you require, the length of time you want us on site, and the ease of access. Each event is different and I am happy to give you a quote over the phone or email. Over the phone, I can suggest how to make the most impact for your budget, based on what you want to achieve. Some ideas may be very inexpensive and make your party.

What will the Dj wear?
We usually wear black tie or the modern twist on black tie – white shirt, black suit, waistcoat and black tie. For a vintage disco the Dj can be in white shirt and braces. Please let us know what you would like us to wear and it can be arranged. 

Can you provide a PA for speeches and background music?
Yes. If we are providing the disco sound system, you can use this for speeches and background music at no extra charge. We can also add extra speakers or provide a separate P.A. system if speeches are in a different room. We have cabled mics or radio mics.

What is done with our details?
We have a strict confidentiality policy and adhere to all the relevant data protection regulations. We understand the sensitivity of newsworthy information and any information given to us is treated in the strictest of confidence. 

Can we make requests?
Yes. We ask that you separate your requests into must plays and play if possible. This gives us the flexibility to read the crowd, keep the dance floor full and add your favourite tracks. All requests must be available on iTunes and received 2 weeks before your event.

How early should we book?
Splendid Sounds takes on a maximum of four discotheque bookings on one night so booking early is recommended.

How do we confirm the booking?
We will email you a contract which includes payment details. Once your deposit is paid and the signed contract is received you will be confirmed in our diary. 

Do you have PLI insurance, PAT certificates and a Risk Assessment requested by the venue?
We are used to supplying venues with all that they require. Just let us know who your contact is and we can deal with them direct at no extra charge. 

How many tracks would be played during a 4 hour set?
Around 70.

Can you work with a band?
Yes, we often work with bands. It is helpful if you put us in contact so we can avoid playing any of their prepared songs. We can also make sure we don’t double up on kit. We are happy to swap our lighting to complement what they may be bringing.  

Why don’t you advertise?
We play at parties every weekend, showcasing what we do to hundreds of potential clients each week. Private clients, party organisers and venues love what we do. We get enough work from recommendations only. 

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